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Thermo Electric Register System

Our Product

Product Specification

  • Type: Central unit
  • Industry: Commercial
  • Operating voltage:
  • Phase:
  • Frequency:
  • Value: $1,000

Thermo Electric Register System

Our company’s product is new on the market. Our product regulates the temperature of each individual room of your home or workplace while also killing mites and viruses. Imagine your home or workplace with each room cooled or heated to your desired temperature with healthier air!

How it works

Below is an image that explains how our product works. The MHT product is placed in the central unit so that all the rooms can connect to it as well. Thermostats that regulate the temperature is also connected to our device.


The picture below shows how the colorful registers look.

RAL Color Chart

The following table represents an internationally recognized RAL Color Chart with codes and tints of color tones. You can choose any color in the table for your register.

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