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Safe Toilet Tank

Our Product

Product Specification

  • Type: Toilet tank
  • Industry: Commercial
  • Operating voltage: 3-4 V
  • Supply: Battery
  • Battery voltage: 3-4.2 V
  • Value: $100

Safe toilet tank

This product has two devices: a Smart water detector and Shutoff valve.

The smart water detector is located at the top of the cistern and is designed with standard dimensions to fit any cistern. Its function is to inform the valve if the water level in the cistern reaches its maximum level.

The shutdown valve is located on an inlet pipe that fills the cistern. This device serves to shut down the water supply if the smart water detector detects an increase of water in the cistern, compared to its normal level.

How it works

Below is an image that explains how our product works. The MHT product is placed in the central unit so that all the rooms can connect to it via a central unit as well.

These two devices

Saving water

Saving money

Guard the planet

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